Our Story

The Joffrey chain of stores was founded in 2018. In this short period of time, the network managed to open 7 stores, and this year a new one will be opened in the city center on 22 Abovyan Street. In 2023, we plan to open 2 new stores. Our stores are equipped with modern ophthalmological equipment. The stores have everything to sell the products of our partners for a quality display. Our team accomplishes all this due to their experience and knowledge. Joffrey is one of the few chains in Armenia that has its own workshop where our clients' orders are fulfilled.

“Joffrey” has already taken its unique place in the market, producing the best for our customers and guests, our customers expect superior service from us. Of course, our team have been fulfilling the wishes and demands of our customers so far, not exceeding our customers' expectations, we went a step further and rebranded our store, which will be called “Axis” from now on. It is a geometric term around which objects revolve, our idea is that the “Axis” will gather around it the best that the market can offer & we will present it to our customers with a new presentation. Axis is the exceeding of expectations.